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“We create bespoke exceptional Adventure Trips”

SEAL concept
A  unique concept of tailor made adventure trips in Sea, Air & Land
  • Scuba diving, motorcycle, kitesurf, microlight flight (paramotor), kayak, horseback riding, paragliding, 4×4, helicopter, sailboat, jump from one to the other with our knowledge and our 10 years of experience.
  • Travel the world on sensational travels, round the world trips, safaris, raids or expeditions.
  • We only offer exclusivities which you will find nowhere else.
  • Your journey support the conservation, we work with partners who follow an effective eco-responsible approach.

Adventure for all

We shall start from the beginning


What you master


This 3 dimensions

SEAL : 3 environments for 3 perspectives

  • SEAL is Sea Air Land’s acronym : we know how to free ourselves from the constraints of every environment to offer you its wonders.
  • From this point of view in depth and in height, you will appreciate this way of travelling which harmonizes subtly all that we can look for in such an experience.

Our creations of Adventure trips

  • Our experts will put in your reach the activities and the logistics to discover sublime places and an extraordinary wildlife.
  • We will realize for you a lifetime experience.
  • To discover them, have a look at the “Adventure trips” page.