Let’s assemble the Adventure that suits you

Our creations invite you to discover, learn or practice in the three environments Sea, Air & Land.

Assembled, they can also take on all three aspects during the same trip, photo report, world tour, safari, raid or sensational expedition.

Adventure for all

Discovery trips are for those who are looking for an exceptional experience without physical or mental commitment. They are accessible to all without any particular physical condition or age requirement.

we will start from the beginning

Learning trips aim to teach you an Adventure activity in a world class location, in optimal conditions and in the greatest comfort, without any previous knowledge.

what you know

The Practitioner trips are for those who already master an adventure activity and want to enjoy an ideal selection of sites according to the seasons and their level with optimal logistics.

these three approaches into one trip

Each creation corresponds to one of these three categories:

Thanks to our expertise, you can combine the relaxing aspect of discovery with the excitement of learning and the pleasure of practice.

Consult us to assemble