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A cruise to the Galapagos, we have been dreaming about it for more than 10 years I think! A real treat. Simply the best diving trip of our lives. Thank you Seal, everything was perfect from start to finish. Dives with big fish from evening to morning. A breathtaking spectacle. The boat is luxurious and we felt very confident.

Jean-Marc & Marielle


A first for our club. The Seal team organised our trip very well, taking into account all the difficulties linked to the destination (Visa, flights,…). Once on the boat we were served. On the programme, schools of hammerhead sharks and an atmosphere at the end of the world. The team of instructors was very nice and French speaking! To be done again very soon.

Albert & Nelson


Great service on board, Nitrox available and excellent catering. The dives were extraordinary: lots of silky sharks and crocodiles for the bravest of us! We also organised with Seal a very nice course that combines well with the cruise. Thanks to the Seal team, we enjoyed the trip very much.

Sébastien, Laure & Paulo

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