Our selection of spots for your kitesurfing trips.

We have taken care to select the best spots for you to learn or enjoy the pleasures of kitesurfing around an essential ingredient: the wind.

Our kitesurfing trips are safe for you to enjoy and your instructors are selected for their teaching skills. You will use recent and well maintained equipment.

From discovery to performance, we offer several approaches:

  • A half-day of initiation and discovery
  • Initial training in 3 days
  • Advanced training to go further and start the figures
  • Refresher course if you have not practised for a long time in half a day

Before and after kiting

These trips have the SEAL ADVENTURES signature, discover, learn, practice and assemble more experiences from our selection. Before and after your kite sessions, you won’t miss the sea, air & land wonders that surround you.

What if there is not enough wind?

If the wind is too light to sail, we have several solutions to offer you until the conditions become usable again.

Solo, in couple, in family

If you are travelling solo, we can offer you the opportunity to join other solo travellers on regularly scheduled departure dates. As a couple or as a family, we can design your trip to suit you.

For non-practitioners

If you are travelling with non-practitioners, we adapt the programme so that you share as much time as possible together.

Ask about our exclusive packages; kitesurfing and diving or snorkelling on the same trip and why not a motorbike itinerary, balloon, seaplane or microlight flights.