Mae Hong Son Loop, The loop of the 1864 curves

One of the most beautiful roads in the world

Step over your mount, let’s ride together !

With its 1864 turns, this 600 km loop departing from one of the most mythical cities in Thailand will satisfy bikers looking for a scenic road with Asian perfume.

A succession of discoveries

The change of scenery assured, green rice fields, temples and perched pagodas, mountain tribes, rocks in the form of sugar loaves covered with vegetation, waterfalls, rivers, caves, colorful markets, original and curious smiles, makeshift service stations, charming stops, gastronomic discoveries and pioneering spirit.

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Wide angle odyssey in South Africa

The kaleidoscope of South Africa

Discover South Africa by an itinerary travel, at your own pace and tailor-made according to your preferences, go from discoveries to wonderment following a route where no day is alike. The richness of this country is so great that we have developed a kaleidoscope so you could create an experience that looks like you.

Safari looking for the Big 5

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Secret Cambodia

Jungle, Mekong and wonders hidden in the land of smile and legendary archeology

Tonle Sap Lake

Leave for the country of smile and delicacy, discovering a culture where gastronomic, archaeological, colonial and human wealth deserves several trips.

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Learn how to scuba dive on an exceptional sailing boat in the Andaman Sea

Bound for the Andaman Sea, the most beautiful spots of Thailand, Myanmar and soon the Gulf of Bengal in India

Get on board !
Sail on the Andaman Sea for a scubadiving safari, on a luxury cruise in the Similans and Surin archipelago from Phuket Island in Thailand.

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Private SEA AIR LAND Safari in the deserts of Namibia

Leaving for a traveling itinerary in Namibia, it is returning to the origins of the world : The deserts of Namib and Kalahari

Discover the contrasted variety of deserts, their world unique topography, admire the colors of the dunes: white on the coast, they fall perpendicularly into the sea. Apricot orange for the Namib, contemplate them will bewitch you. Red and parallel in the Kalahari, the savannah valleys will concretize your fantasies of African landscapes.

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Whales, Dolphins and Trek in the Azores Archipelago

“If you’ve never been to the Azores, you’ve never seen that before! ”

Sao Miguel and Santa Maria, two islands of character for an adventure trip that mixes ocean, trek and relaxation.


The extinct volcanoes of the largest island of the Azores give it its own charm. Leave from the summit and walk along the calderas lined up with pastel colors hydrangeas, swim in the crater lakes of green emerald and then rest in one of the charming villages.

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