Leaving for a traveling itinerary in Namibia, it is returning to the origins of the world : The deserts of Namib and Kalahari

Discover the contrasted variety of deserts, their world unique topography, admire the colors of the dunes: white on the coast, they fall perpendicularly into the sea. Apricot orange for the Namib, contemplate them will bewitch you. Red and parallel in the Kalahari, the savannah valleys will concretize your fantasies of African landscapes.

You’ll face the highest dunes in the world in the oldest desert. Conclude your getaway with a cocktail at the top of a dune, of which the sunset will be forever engraved in your memory, we will set up a bar in the bush only for you.

Cheetahs a few centimeters away

Be one of the few fortunate to observe and photograph the sprint of the cheetahs in front of you at 80 km/h thanks to the work of those who dedicated their lives to them. Far from a commercial approach, you will contribute to this beautiful project that has tripled the cheetahs”™ population of Namibia.

SEAL’s point of views

Fly above immensity, pass from one landscape to another, from the ocean to the desert by plane piloted by “bush pilots”. Gallop to the top of the dunes on a horse back, on “Quarter Horse”. Approach the animals on foot. Face the tracks on a motorbike or in a SUV, Watch the desert waking up in a hot air balloon. Explore at the altitude of your choice in microlight (ULM, paramotor category).

The variety of means of exploration offers a rich diversity of points of view. The landscapes that surround you look like nothing comparable.

Your Safari

Namibia is indeed a great safari destination that has its own personality.

Identify the animals you meet by using a wildlife guide: oryx, springboks, ostriches, giraffes, lions, cheetahs, zebras, rhinoceros, elephants and many more.

After a good day spent pacing the trails, get in a “rest camp” for the night. At sunset, it is time to uncork a bottle and savor it on a bench in a front of a water source where elephants, giraffes, rhinoceros, antelopes and zebras come to quench their thirst. A good time for photography or contemplation before punctuating the show by the traditional barbecue of bushmeat.

Bush dinner

During a bush diner, around a brazier, contemplate the stars of the southern hemisphere, a sky without light pollution where the stars will seem closer and brighter. A unique moment that you can only experience here.

The skeleton coast

On the coast, in a SUV, in a catamaran or ideally in a sea kayak, go meet gigantic colonies of curious and playful sea lions, majestic dolphins, clumsy penguins, jackals and elegant flamingos.


Marry the wind in paragliding, in tandem or during an introductory course that will open the door of your first solo flight attendant on radio link.

For photographers

In Namibia, the wildlife, the landscapes, unusual places, tribes and the starry sky are infinite subjects to express your creativity. To take full advantage of this potential, we can provide SLR cameras and professional lenses.

The Whiteest City in Africa

While leaving the desert, stop at Swakopmund, the whiteest city in Africa. Dine in fine restaurants overlooking the ocean, watching through the transparent glass floor the waves are breaking beneath your feet while savoring delicious cuisine from local fishing. Enjoy a German pastry at the corner of an alley on a terrace that reminds you of Europe but faces the infinity of the dunes. This charming little seaside town surrounded by the dunes has a unique personality, it offers a contrast between Europe and Africa and between desert and ocean.

Seal Adventures

Key points :

Photograph the cheetahs’ sprint in front of you at 80 km / h

We lend you professional photography equipment

Sea lions, dolphins, penguins and flamingoes in sea kayaking

At sunset, around the water points, sip a drink in front of the animals

Gallop to the top of the dunes on horseback on “Quarter Horse”

Face the trails on motorcycle or in SUV accompanied by fauna

Marry the movements of the wind in paragliding, in tandem or during an internship

Observe the desert waking up from a hot air balloon, a variety of dunes unique in the world, white, red, orange

Switch from one landscape to another, from the ocean to the desert, by plane piloted by “bush pilots”

Enjoy a bush diner of bushmeat under the incomparable starry sky of the southern hemisphere