Want to combine adventure, nature and love of horses?

Reinvent your desire to go elsewhere, tame the great outdoors and learn to listen to nature again through our range of horseback rides. 

Horse riding is a long-distance activity, practised at different paces with the aim of discovering the natural and cultural heritage of a region on horseback. It is a discipline in itself, performed in cohesion with nature. It is a way of exploring the world in a different way and of understanding travel in a different way. 

We propose an initiatory experience around the horse and the ride aiming at a reconnection with oneself and the outside world in order to find a feeling of freedom. 

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France on horseback

This experience is not only for experienced riders, but also for those who are curious and passionate about adventure and novelty. We want to make this environmentally friendly practice accessible to all, which allows a total immersion in nature and wide open spaces. We offer tours adapted to all levels and all ages to meet the expectations and desires of our travellers.      

The objective of this equestrian range is to develop thematic rides based on adventure. We wish to address the themes of gastronomic, natural, cultural and well-being discovery. 

New horizons await you, dare to experience the thrill of the great outdoors. 

The horse riding tours we offer in France.

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Europe on horseback

Follow the guide and discover the volcanic landscape of the Azores. Hike through the picturesque mountains to the coast of the cliff e Norte. Forests, traditional villages and natural pools of volcanic rock await you on these islands where you will have a privileged experience. End your day lounging in a mountain lodge facing the Atlantic Ocean.

The World on horseback

Explore the Namib Desert on the back of your Quarter Horse and rub shoulders with giraffes and elephants on a safari that is punctuated by the gallop of your mount. Enjoy a unique experience as you spend the night by the Swakop River before heading to Swakopmund beach the next morning for a walk in the sand. 

Get up close and personal with living things to better understand the interactions between different species. Head deep into the jungles of Costa Rica to see howler monkeys, toucans and sloths nestled in the canopy. On this tour you will learn more about this unique ecosystem. Wake up to the sound of birdsong and waves by staying at an ecolodge near the Caribbean Sea. 

Trek the Okavango Delta and discover the Makgadikgadi Salt Desert. 

Horseback riding is the most natural way to explore the area due to the annual flooding. 

Gallop alongside zebras and buffaloes and take time in the water or on land to observe these sometimes well camouflaged wild animals. Don’t miss the sunset and enjoy a convivial moment around the campfire to taste Botswana specialities while admiring the breathtaking view of the flooded plains. Finish this wilderness escape with a night under the stars for an unparalleled immersive experience.  

These tours are of course personalised, which means that we adapt our tours to the needs of our riders. The accommodation offered is a reflection of our travellers and varies according to the experiences chosen and the level of comfort desired. 

Don’t worry, we provide you with the knowledge and equipment to make your adventure a reality. A lot of advice and information will be given to you at the beginning of the experience so that you can lightly escape to new horizons. 

Explore the world and share the experience with this faithful companion, you won’t regret it. Adventure awaits you!