You are currently viewing The Adventure by SEAL, Episode 8: Horseback Riding in France

The Adventure by SEAL, Episode 8: Horseback Riding in France

The Adventure by SEAL, Episode 8: Horseback riding in France

Initiate yourself to horse riding and horseback riding in France

Horseback riding is a ride on horseback with the aim of discovering the heritage. This outdoor practice, in star or itinerant over several days, allows you to discover the French splendours in its most remote corners.

Not only reserved for experienced riders or professionals, it is possible to begin without having ridden a horse before. Anyone can take part in the adventure without any particular physical condition.

Young and old alike and why not together as a family? Programs are custom-made and can be adapted to suit you.

In star, you come back to the same place to sleep in a charming address of your choice. The next day you can ride your horse again to leave in another direction and return to the starting point.

While roaming, you can sleep in a tepee, a yurt or a chalet. A real immersion with the horses.

All regions have their own specificities and charm. The scents of the Corsican maquis, the wine route in Burgundy or the Pyrenees National Park.

Randonnée à cheval

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