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Exceptional adventures require the best experts : guides, sportsmen, adventurers, explorers, pilots, mechanics, skippers, photographers, instructors and others share their skills to create your Adventure experience.

Romain LIBET

Adventure Designer


Scuba diving and emergency first response instructor, ambassador photographer for Olympus, full contact karate instructor, black belt and gold medal at the french championship, ultralight aircraft pilot, paraglider, skier, kitesurfer, biker and graduate lawyer, Romain LIBET is a professional Adventurer.

He knows how to orchestrate your experiences in refinement and make them unforgettable.

During an expedition he organized 10 years ago from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to the Mozambique channel for pilots, divers, kitesurfers and photographers, a new concept of travel in the three environments Sea, Air & Land was born : SEAL ADVENTURES.

After a solo round the world trip of the most beautiful diving spots, he left his lawyer job to offer his new concept of experience & travel adventures in Sea, Air & Land worldwide.

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From law to Adventure


Expedition leader and paramotor instructor


For over 20 years, Thierry has explored the African continent by organizing numerous expeditions.Paramotor instructor and enduro motorbiker, he has guided production teams for television. His pictures have been published in several international magazines.


Motorbike guide


Nirin is Thai, he will be your motorbike guide to explore Southeast Asia in the most secret places. With his mastery of local languages and customs, you will reach magical places.


Motorbike racer and mechanic


Kay is German, he is a motorbike racer, pilot and mechanical expert. He is the ideal partner of Nirin to travel around Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos and Malaysia.


Test pilot, tandem pilot and paramotor instructor


Mark is American, he has a versatile experience in the sky. Test pilot, he has worked in the paragliders manufacture. He is member of the Thai Forest Police for aerial surveillance and works actively for the conservation of  the asian elephants with his bird eyes. Very focused on pedagogy, he will make you realize your first flight smoothly.


Zoologist, photographer and spearfisher


Steve is south african, a graduated in zoology, spearfisher and underwater photographer. He has led the BBC’s and National Geographic’s teams in South Africa on the first sardine run expeditions. He always brings you safely as close as possible with a communicative enthusiasm.


Professional underwater cameraman and shark expert


Yves LEFEVRE is a BEES1 diving instructor and professional underwater cameraman. He was among the first to film the Great White Shark without a cage. He also worked with the commander Cousteau on the Calypso, Nicolas Hulot for Ushuaia Nature and Luc Besson for the film ” The Big Blue “.


Freediving world champion and professional photographer


Fred has been four times freediving world champion in variable weight and constant weight. He has filmed and photographed most of the great champions in his own way : with natural light. He is specialized in the approach and the marking of the big marine life, he will share with you his passion for the world of silence.


4×4 and kayak guide


Naude is the typical African guide. Expert in 4×4 expeditions in Botswana and in the Namibian deserts, he is also a surfer, scuba diving instructor and kayak guide, he is passionate about sand biking.


Pharmacist and horse rider


Pharmacist, she individually advises you before each departure for the adventure. She has always been a horseback rider and a horses breeder. She has selected for you the best stables to ride in the best conditions.


Paragliding instructor and tandem pilot


Alex comes from Namibia, he is a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot. He is a specialist in wildlife, flora and 4×4 expeditions in Austral Africa, he will show you wonders through his long experience.


Marine biologist and scuba diving instructor


Ana is a marine biologist and a scuba diving instructor, she leads a research about the manta and mobulas rays behaviour in the Azores. Always smiling, she will guide you in the middle of the Atlantic ocean to dive in totally wild dive spots.


Kitesurfing instructor,  polyglot


Piotr is a German kitesurfing instructor. A true pedagogue, he will teach you gradually and safely this incredible sliding sport thay is in between air and water. He also practices yoga and speaks 6 languages.