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The passion, the friendship and the relationship of trust that bind us allow great achievements.

Romain LIBET

Creator of Adventures


Diving and first aid instructor, photographer ambassador for Olympus, black belt and French champion in full contact martial arts, kitesurfer, ULM pilot, paraglider, skier, motorcyclist and notary graduate, Romain LIBET is a professional of Adventure.
He knows how to match the elements, the rhythm and the intensity to orchestrate your experiences in refinement and make them unforgettable.

During an expedition he organised from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa to the Mozambique Channel for pilots, divers, kitesurfers and photographers, a new concept of travel in the three environments Sea, Air & Land was born: SEAL ADVENTURES.

After a world tour of the most beautiful solo diving spots, he left the notary’s office to launch this unique concept.

In his quest to develop the Adventure, he speaks at tourism schools to share his vision with the professionals of tomorrow.

He is also vice secretary of the tourist office of Maisons-Laffitte, the city of horses.


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From Notary to Adventure

Olivier taught diving all over the world before setting foot on the shores of the Mediterranean. An experienced instructor, he also worked for many years in luxury hotels and establishments before specialising in the design and guidance of tailor-made diving trips around the world. Today Olivier continues to teach scuba diving and freediving and accompanies you on the most confidential sites.
Nirin is Thai and will be your motorbike guide to explore Southeast Asia’s most secret places. His mastery of the language and customs will open doors for you.
Niaz is a motorbike guide in India. Tireless and full of humour, he knows where to go when a mountain road becomes impassable. His help is precious to explore the Indian subcontinent serenely.
Mark is an American with a wide range of experience in the air. A test pilot, he has worked in the manufacture of paragliders. He is a member of the Thai Forest Police for aerial surveillance and works actively for the conservation of the Asian elephant thanks to his bird’s eyes. Very educational, he will make you realize your first flight smoothly.
Steve is South African, a graduate in zoology and an underwater photographer, he has guided the BBC and National Geographic teams in South Africa, notably during the first sardin run expeditions. Always concerned about your safety, he will guide you as close as possible with an infectious enthusiasm.
Yves LEFEVRE is a BEES1 diving instructor and professional underwater cameraman. He was one of the first to film the Great White Shark without a cage, and has also worked with Commander COUSTEAU on the Calypso, Nicolas HULOT for Ushuaia Nature and Luc BESSON on the filming of “Le Grand Bleu”.
Naude is the ultimate Africa guide. He is an expert on 4WD expeditions in the deserts of Namibia and Botswana, and is also skilled in kayaking, surfing, diving and has recently developed a passion for sand biking.
Fred is a four-time world champion freediver in variable and constant weight. He has filmed and photographed most of the great champions in his own way: in natural light. A specialist in the approach and marking of large marine fauna, he will be able to pass on his passion for the world of silence.
A pharmacist, she advises you individually before each departure for the adventure. A lifelong rider and horse breeder, she has selected the best stables for you to ride in optimal conditions.
Alex comes from Namibia, he is a paragliding instructor and tandem pilot. He is a specialist in wildlife and 4×4 expeditions in Southern Africa, and will help you discover these wonders thanks to his long experience.
Ana is a marine biologist and diving instructor, currently leading a study on the behaviour of mobulas and manta rays in the Azores. Always smiling, she will guide you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to dive on wild and remote sites.
Piotr is German, he is a kitesurfing instructor, very pedagogical, he will be able to teach you progressively and safely this fabulous sport between air and water. He also practices yoga and speaks 6 languages.
For more than 20 years, Thierry has explored the African continent by organising numerous expeditions. He is a paramotor instructor and enduro rider, and guides film crews for television. His work as a photographer has been published in several international magazines.
Camilla is an avid traveller in natural history and ecotourism. Entrust her with your special requests, she will search for the rare thing for you. 
Axelle travelled and studied political science for 4 years in Canada, and was trained in the special methods of SEAL Adventures. Always smiling and very attentive, she will know how to identify your desires for experiences with subtlety.