We are travellers and adventurers committed to conservation, here are our 10 commitments:

1 Avoid all polluting activities by favouring soft alternatives in order to preserve the environments visited.

2 Minimise the duration and intensity of impacts that cannot be completely avoided.

3 Double and systematically compensate any polluting activity that could not be avoided or reduced, through the support of socio-environmental projects.

4 Integrate my activity in a logic of mutual respect for the environment and local populations.

5 Display my actions related to this charter in a transparent way to the traveller and adventurer.

6 Inform and educate travellers and adventurers about the characteristics and fragility of the environments they explore.

7 To provide the necessary material and information so that the traveller and adventurer can take an active part in the preservation of the environment they are exploring.

8 Communicate and ensure the application of eco-responsible gestures during activities.

9 SEAL Adventures is committed to offering you an ethical and virtuous experience where everyone wins. This experience takes into account: a remuneration that values the know-how and field expertise of our team, as well as the support of socio-environmental projects, in order to ensure the quality and exclusivity of your future adventure.

10 Undertake to respect and apply all the above points in the proposed tender.

Avoid, Reduce, Compensate



With an almost zero carbon footprint, cycling, horse-riding and carriage driving are real alternatives to motorbikes and 4x4s.

What’s more, they allow you to discover new adventure experiences.

Sailing with the wind and currents will give you unforgettable experiences. And all this while protecting the seas and oceans from fuel waste.

Taking the train is a taste of adventure before it begins. It also means avoiding the release of several hundred tonnes of CO2 and long hours of waiting at the airport.



Some adventures require the use of motorbikes or 4x4s. So to reduce our CO2 emissions and live a unique experience, electric, hybrid and bioethanol engines will take you to the end of your adventures.

Sometimes the wind is not there. But the adventure continues thanks to the electric motor, which is both silent and less polluting than petrol.

For reasons of time, flying is sometimes the only way. In order to reduce our carbon footprint, let’s favour direct non-stop journeys whenever possible.



When, as with flying, we cannot reduce our impact directly, we commit to doubly offsetting our emissions by supporting environmental projects.

These projects not only have an ecological impact but also promote employment, innovation and exchange.

In order to guarantee total transparency, you will be able to follow the evolution of your contributions, a traceability from the will to the final result.

Sea, Air & Land Conservation Society