Motorbike trips on tracks or roads, from the desert to the mountains, explore the World in its most remote curves.

  • For couples, bucolic itineraries punctuated by original discoveries and stops in charming places, from a comfortably furnished camp in the desert to a Maharajah’s palace.
  • In family: one or more motorbikes and the accompanying persons behind in the car with the possibility of passing the handlebars.
  • Solo or with friends, experience a more rustic epic, in accessible locations with our accomplished logistics.
  • Combine your motorbike trip with other adventure experiences such as safari, photography, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing or hang gliding.

Trails, trials, scramblers, roadsters and enduros

Trail refers to both motorbike racing in the wilderness and motorbikes designed for this purpose, which can be ridden both on and off-road.

One should not confuse trail and trial, the latter being competition motorbikes purely reserved for crossing.

Before the trail bike, there was the scrambler, which was a hijacked road bike, equipped with large handlebars, a raised exhaust and versatile tyres. In the 1970s, the hippie trend and the return to nature accentuated the search for escape and encouraged manufacturers to design motorbikes, no longer directly inspired by road bikes, but based on real off-road machines such as enduro bikes.

A trail bike is an intermediate between an enduro bike and a road bike. Unlike the scrambler, the trail is inspired by real off-road machines.

Motorbike travel destinations

Southern Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, 

Southeast Asia: Bali, Tibet, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Mongolia,

India: Kerala, Rajasthan, Himalayas,

USA, Mexico

Lapland by snowmobile in search of the Northern Lights.

Pre-trip days in the Yvelines