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Royal Enfield Kerala India

  • Explore Kerala, smooth India, riding the legendary Royal Enfield, formerly British, today Indian, charismatic, reliable and enduring
  • Start and finish your bike loop in the wonderful Madilina House, placed along the Periyar river, unique rooms furnished with rare antiques with open bathrooms for a relaxation in refinement
  • Embark with your motorbike aboard a houseboat to explore the backwaters, “the Venice of India”, spend the night on board and land on the Vembanad Lake
  • Ride and cross street scenes, mountains, tea plantations and meet the Asian elephant
  • Relax on the Malabar coast, bordering the Arabian Sea and try yoga
  • Each day, try a new custom ayurveda treatments, a cure of body and mind
  • The colonial atmosphere of Portugal and Holland in Cochin, antiques, silk, markets and rickshaws, the popular tricycles
  • Cradle of the spices, Kerala offers an amazing version of vegetarian cuisine, tropical fruits and the subtly prepared fish

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