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Travel to France by sidecar

Have you ever been on the road in a sidecar? Travel through the regions in a different way, as a passenger or on the handlebars of a real icon, thanks to our trip in France by side-car.

Marry the curves of the small roads with a "sider" pilot or on the handlebars after a compulsory training at our side (motorbike licence necessary beforehand).


The side-car is a motorcycle equipped with a third side wheel, allowing you to add a "basket" for one or more passengers. Invented in the 19th century by the Frenchman Jean Bertoux in Fontainebleau, he first called it the side-car "side-seat". Previously, the passenger was seated with his back to the road. It was only afterwards that the inventor changed the position of the passenger on August 8, 1893. The person carried was now facing the road, but could also operate a lever to drive the third wheel! However, it wasn't until 1902 that we saw gondolas attached to motor bicycles.

Take yourself for great mythical heroes such as James Bond, Indiana Jones or Tintin and Steve McQueen, who also drove a sidecar during their journeys. You may also have already noticed this means of transport in the Grande Vadrouille, with Louis de Funès and Bourvil.

You will fall under its retro charm and you will be transported to another universe during a ride combining mythical roads and meandering landscapes.

Riding a sidecar is a way to discover the treasures of the country, gently, taking the time to see and feel, with your nose to the wind.

Charm, nostalgia and adventure are waiting for you during this extraordinary odyssey!

There are many destinations for riding in a sidecar. However, we offer you one of the most beautiful regions of France, Provence.

Escape on a ride between Marseille, Cassis, la Ciotat and les Baux-de-Provence, but also Lourmarin or Bonnieux. Choose city-tours and/or wine-tours, with visits to wine estates with wine tasting and many other local products.

Voyage en France en side-car

You can also find all our motorcycle trips in France and elsewhere on our dedicated page.

And for more information about Provence, visit the website of the Office de Tourisme de Marseille.

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