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Ile St Helene - St Helena Island

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Napoleon history and Scuba diving

From 4327€ all inclusive :

  • Flights from Europe
  • Accomodation in hôtel 4 * with breakfast, 1 night in Johannesburg on the outward trip and 1 night on the return journey,
    8 nights on the island
  • 8 dives with gear
  • 2 snorkeling trips to find the whale shark (during the season) or sea life (out of the season)
  • Rental car
  • 4wd island guided tour
  • Guided visit with Michel Dancoisne-Martineau, director of the french national domains of St-Helena.

Napoléon and the island history

  • The last 6 years of the emperor's life
  • Napoleon's death bicentenary 1st of may 2021
  • Napoleon's tomb
  • The french national domains of St-Helena : the tomb's valley, the Briars pavilion and Longwood house
  • Forts, castles, cemeteries, churches and british canons
  • The history of Napoleon, the Zoulous, the Boers, the slaves, the navigation

St-Helena island

  • The volcanic island and its fortifications by 4wd
  • A special airport 310 over the sea on a cliff accessible with special planes and special pilots
  • Black, green and blue colours between volcanoes, vegetation and the southern atlantic ocean
  • Jacob's ladder, 699 vertiginous stairs from Jamestown to the fort 280 m high
  • Jamestown, between the canyon and the ocean, a well conserved historical architecture
  • One of the rarest coffee in the world
  • Jonathan, one of the oldest animal on earth, a Seychelles turtle in the british governor's residence : Plantation house
  • The access to Ascension island, a confidential british oversea territory
  • One of the world remotest island
  • Hike between flowered mountain and ocean
  • A clear sky perfect for astronomy, the southern sky map was made here by Edmond HALLEY in 1677
  • The "Saints", a half blood population friendly and full of talent
  • Vertiginous roads along volcanoes

The Atlantic ocean from the surface to the deep

  • A perfect scuba diving, freediving, and snorkeling destination to discover new marine species
  • From january to march, snorkel with dozens of whale sharks
  • A lot of dolphins all year round
  • Mobula rays in crystal blue water and warm water at 24°
  • Humpback whales migration from june to december
  • Volcanic sea caves, 
  • Explore and make the map of virgin dive sites
  • "The south atlantic galápagos", a 200 milles marine protected area around the coast
  • 8 shallow shipwrecks, well conserved and full of endemic butterfly fish
  • Snorkeling for all on SS Papa Nui shipwreck, 50 m from the harbor
  • Birds and especially the St Helena Plover locally called wirebird only found on this island
  • Tuna traditional fishing

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