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Exceptional trip to Corsica

Explore the island of beauty like you've never seen it before on this exceptional trip to Corsica. Travel across the island, its high mountains falling steeply into the sea to the emerald creeks through the desert.

  • Go in search of the treasure of the golden owl through the menhirs.
  • Venture underground in the heart of the coastal cliffs in the footsteps of history.
  • Savour a refined moment for yourself in the thermal waters of the Romans.
  • Explore secret trails with your family accompanied by a donkey.
  • Immerse yourself in snorkeling and follow the underwater trails of the Lavezzi Islands.
  • Greet the preserved groupers of the Scandola reserve.
  • Take a private tour of Corsica by light aircraft. Fly along the coast, over the creeks of Piana and the warm colours of the sunset that are reflected in the sky.
  • Taste sea urchins, cheeses, cold meats and honeys accompanied by wine, limoncellu and whisky with Corsican flavours in a wine estate.
  • Travel through the desert and forgotten places on horseback or at the wheel of an all-terrain vehicle through the tracks.
  • In the open air, aboard a vintage car or motorbike, enjoy the generous curves of the mountains.
  • Aboard an old rigging, experience an astronomical cruise. A surprising initiatory moment that gives pride of place to mythological tales of the celestial vault.
  • Go down a river in a canoe to observe the kingfisher, the grey heron, the river wagtail, the macroule coots and the vestiges of the past.
  • Coastal cabotage and its round and pinkish rocks await you in a sea kayak.
  • Dive to 27 m on the wreckage of a bomber, a plane nicknamed the flying fortress.
  • Learn to kitesurf in the best conditions, you will have feet, the water will be clear and calm.
  • The natural swimming pools are yours by via ferrata and zip lines.

Voyage en Corse

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We offer 3 types of accommodation

  • Authentic: comfort, unusual, glamping
  • Charm: of character, in harmony with the local environment, in small groups
  • Prestige: Residences and castles of character
  • One doesn't preclude the other, why not combine all three?

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And for more information about Corsica, visit the Ajaccio Tourist Office website!

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