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Exceptional dives in France

Explore the marine environment with our scuba diving trips through the prism of the exception on the coasts of France. Snorkelling and snorkelling are also possible.


The pink granite coast and the 7 Islands Reserve
Encounter with seals and sharks in Tregor

For the diver used to tropical waters, Brittany is synonymous with cold, green and turbid water, not forgetting the constraint of the tides.

Yet, with a minimum of perseverance, it allows unforgettable encounters with the best that the ocean has to offer: seals, dogfish and for the luckiest, the mole shark, cousin of the great white shark.

Ploumanac'h in the Côtes-d'Armor, 300 million years ago, when the Breton mountains were forming, an enormous bubble of magma pierced the earth's crust, the pink granite coast was born.

Between Perros-Guirec and Trégastel, its exceptional granite chaos offers one of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in France. The "sentier des Douaniers" (customs trail) allows you to admire the whole of this panorama.

A large part of this rocky edifice is submerged, offering many ecological niches for marine life. Places and bars patrol above the kelp fields under which the old women take refuge. These large brown algae which develop their thalles in the swell and current are clinging to the granite rocks scattered on the sandy and detrital bottoms. Each of the crevices of these scree slopes is a refuge for a multitude of crustaceans: lobsters, crabs, curries, spiders, bunches and galatees. The cracks in the rock faces are occupied by lobsters. The overhangs are lined with colourful anemones and sponges.

Plongée sous-marine France

Sept-Îles Nature Reserve

It is the most important nature reserve on the French coast.

The reserve consists of a marine area and granite coastline composed of five main islands and numerous islets and reefs forming an extremely indented and varied whole of major ecological and landscape interest.

There are 181 species of birds.

This archipelago is a real refuge during the nesting period for many birds (25,000 pairs and 27 nesting species).

Rouzic Island is the only nesting point in France for the Northern Gannet (21524 pairs from January to September) as well as for almost all the Atlantic Puffins (241 pairs from March to July) on Rouzic, Malban and Bonno.

In addition to the species mentioned above, there are also other breeders such as the English Shearwater (365 pairs), the Torda Penguin (59 pairs from February to July), the Herring Gull (1755 pairs from December to September), the Great Black-backed Gull (634 pairs), the Great Black-backed Gull (73 pairs) and the Great Crested Cormorant (318 pairs from December to August), the Guillemot de Troïl (46 pairs from February to July), the Fulmar Boréal (66 pairs from December to September), the Common Tern (1 pair), the Common Oystercatcher (84 pairs), the Shelduck Shelduck (5 pairs), the Little Egret (6 pairs), the Peregrine Falcon (3 pairs), the Storm Storm-Petrel (180 pairs), etc.

The grey seal population is increasing slightly, with an average of 40 individuals throughout the archipelago.


  • We organize these dives from the port of Ploumanac'h from where we will radiate towards the archipelagos of the Seven Islands and Triagoz reserve or Pors-Kamor and the Squewel drop off.
  • Water temperature 15 - 17 °c
  • Recommended suit: diving, spearfishing or gliding suit from 5 to 7 mm.
  • Hunting or gliding suits offer incomparable aquaticity for apnea with very agile seals.
  • TGV Lannion station
  • Suggestions for accommodation in Ploumanac'h :
    -Hotel Castel Beau Site on the beach of St Guirec 4 * (from June 26th)
    -Hotel St Guirec 2 *
    -Hotel de l'Europe 2 *

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