The kaleidoscope of South Africa

Discover South Africa by an itinerary travel, at your own pace and tailor-made according to your preferences, go from discoveries to wonderment following a route where no day is alike. The richness of this country is so great that we have developed a kaleidoscope so you could create an experience that looks like you.

Safari looking for the Big 5

In Swahili, safari means “long journey”, you are unquestionably at the right place to fulfill your childhood dreams. In his book “Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro”, Ernest Hemingway has chosen the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the black rhinoceros and the buffalo to represent the great animals of Africa: the famous Big 5. Whether it is a first experience or a passionate photographer journey, thanks to our selection of national parks and private reserves we offer a safari adapted to the type of meeting:


By 4×4

By walking

By helicopter

By Canoeing

By motorcycle

By microlight


For bikers

Cross the Peninsula of Cape of Bonne Espérence at the handlebars of a legendary bike: the BMW R 1200 GS. Carved for Africa, comfortable, stable, high, smooth, all-purpose with a long autonomy, capable of carrying a lot of luggage, it is the ideal partner to take full advantage of this environment where the biker travels on roads among the most scenic in the world and punctuated by countless stages. Clarance Drive and Chapman”™s Peak offer curves that will delight pilots along a road where you will have the sensation of rolling on the water.


For divers

Dive into world-renowned sites, where your favorite documentaries are regularly filmed. We know them and we’ll take you there at the best time to ensure the probability of encounters.

The sea lions and broadnose sevengill sharks from Kelp forests, sardines, the cave of the sand tiger sharks, offshore diving to meet the Shortfin mako shark, special tigers and bull sharks dives, the great white shark from a cage.


The sardine run

The biggest fish shoal in the world, the most beautiful demonstration of wilderness. This phenomenon represents a biomass bigger than the gnu migration in East Africa. The ultimate ocean safari, the most memorable dives of your life.

Immersions in snorkeling or scuba diving.

Common dolphins, spinner dolphin, Bryde’s whales, humpback whales, blacktip shark, blacktip reef shark, bulls sharks, brown fur seals, Indo-Pacific sailfish, cormorants ,cape gannet, penguins, orcas, albatrosses and tunas are going to perform for you a magnificent show. Attend to a rare phenomenon, the furtive collaboration of sharks and dolphins.

During your immersions, share face-to-face moments with cape gannet that drop like missiles to catch sardines, their presence will be precious to give us the signal.

This will be a unique opportunity to witness rare predatory scenes. An ideal subject for photographers and videographers, both surface and immersion.

An intense adventure as close as possible to the wild nature.


Under the ocean, a mirror for all

Snorkeling is easy for everyone, with a simple mask and fins, in the middle of the majestic Kelp Forest, and we will explore a brown fur seal colony, the most beautiful interaction possible between man and a sea creature. This rare encounter leaves no one indifferent, incredibly agile, they shoot like torpedoes, circle around you, spit strings of bubbles, they will surprise you by the suppleness of their instant turns. Once under water, their round eyes widen to see you better. These playmates will remind you undoubtedly of our dogs friends.


The ocean Big 4

The ocean Big 4 are not there by chance, the region is rich in food: whales, sea lions, penguins and big white sharks are represented here in big numbers, follow us for a privileged encounter under water or since the boat deck.


The Great White shark

This particular marine predator has a very particular behavior in South Africa. It propels itself out of the water to chase.

Choose your way to meet this powerful creature:

– Under water protected by a cage, a close face to face without any risk

– On the boat deck to watch the moment of predation and see it spurt out suddenly

– By helicopter, our exclusivity


By kayak

Go kayaking for an unusual sailing experience to meet a colony of Cape Penguins in a turquoise but cool water whose rocks evoke the Seychelles. In the background, the Table Mountain offers its own topography : abrupt on its sides and completely flat at the top.  The colony of penguins is also accessible from the coast on footbridges designed to conserve their territory.

For amateurs, it is possible to go to Cape Point, it is the most south-westerly point of the African continent, meeting point of the Agulhas and Benguela currents. This marks the natural separation of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

By helicopter

The most sought-after pilots from Southern Africa will take you on a helicopter safari in a private reserve or fly over the large white sharks that quietly meet the swimmers just behind the waves, a special point of view for a unique image.

Take advantage of your passage to meet the sea lions in a tropical water or to admire the great white sharks from a closer viewpoint. On the boart deck or in a hanging and immersed cage, this unique experience includes absolutely no risk.

For photographers and videographers

For photographers, this country represents a kaleidoscope of unequaled diversity. To photograph South Africa is to immortalize rare and stunning images.

We have very efficient logistical means to reach particular places. Through our network of guides, we know where each marine and terrestrial species are to take you to the desired photo.


The casual or experienced hiker will undoubtedly find his happiness, the Table Mountain, the Cape Peninsula park of Bonne Espérance or even Tsitsikamma to name only the most mythical trails offer a wide range from the simple walk to the trek of several days along the famous Otter Trail.

Legendary train

Do you know the Rovos company ? His steam train, “The Pride of Africa” is only the most luxurious in the world. Climb aboard this legend for a 4-day itinerary from Pretoria to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Cape Town

The charismatic city of Cape Town hits the traveler by its mix of cultures and its privileged location between Table Mountain, the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

At a human scale, loaded with history, cultural contrasts, wilderness, charm and refinement, you will return to this city from the end of the world that has so much to offer.

The vineyards

The vineyards of Cape Town, surrounded by steep mountains and the majestic ocean benefit of ideal climatic conditions. Tasting is only part of the fun as much as the landscape is stunning. The wine route that stretches across the table will delight enthusiasts.

Cape Wrecks

Approach the wrecks of gigantic cargoes which litter this coast and the passage of the Cape formerly called “Cape of storms” so dreaded by the navigators. Half-emerged, rusted, bitten by the fury of the ocean, a few meters from the edge, sometimes even on the beaches.


Enjoy a Cape salmon or a crayfish in the small fishing port of Hout Bay, a small coastal town whose inhabitants are so proud that they erected it the “Hout Bay Republic”.

Coastal towns

In your room, through a panoramic window, awake in the town of Simon, slowly, rising, the sun sends its admiration from the bottom of False Bay, an orange line is drawn in front of you in an atmosphere of First morning of the world.

Hermanus is the capital of the whale, during the right season, these come literally to the city, less than 5 meters from the quays along the shore, you can not be closer.

Garden route, the road of the gardens

Go along the famous “Garden Route”, lakes, mountains, forests, infinite beaches, penguins, sea lions, dolphins and whales are waiting for you. Start with a safari in a private reserve with a topography of verdant canyons, the lodge is built so you could be closer to the animals.

Savor delicious meals in a breathtaking site on a canyon or in the middle of the bush in the inimitable ambiance.


The astonishing Knysna whose gigantic lagoon makes its way to a narrow embouchure between two cliffs.

The impressive national park of Tsitsikamma with its suspended bridges, its adorable dassies and its landscapes that change constantly.

Enjoy the sweet life style of the pretty little town of Plettenberg bay perched above the bay of the same name.


On the way, take a detour through Agulhas National Park, to feel an incredible sensation to the southernmost point of the African continent, a geographical meeting of the Indian and Atlantic oceans. Its lighthouse, the stars of the southern hemisphere shine thanks to the absence of light pollution and the sunset in the axis of a Japanese wreck. Stop in the charming Swellendam and enter its small national park: Bontebok.


Unusual places

During your stay you could visit historic places: Robben Island, Nelson Mandela Prison Island, Gandhi House, an original place where you can spend the night.


Seal Adventures


Key points:


  • A first experience or a photographer passionate journey
  • The sensation of rolling on the water with the whales, cross the Cape Peninsula of Bonne Espérance to the handlebars of a legendary bike: the BMW R 1200 GS
  • Your Big 5 4×4 safaris, on foot, by helicopter, canoe, motorbike or microlight
  • Kayak in the middle of a penguin colony at the tip of Africa
  • Climb aboard the “Pride of Africa” the most luxurious train in the world
  • The ocean Big 4 within reach of all, to meet the sea lions in snorkeling
  • The Great White Shark from the boat deck, under the water protected by a cage or by helicopter
  • Watch the whales a few meters from the edge in the capital of these giants
  • Dive into world-renowned sites, your favorite documentaries and are regularly filmed