You are currently viewing The Adventure by SEAL, Episode 25: Paramotor Expedition in Namibia, Become a Bush Pilot

The Adventure by SEAL, Episode 25: Paramotor Expedition in Namibia, Become a Bush Pilot

Paramotor expedition to Namibia

Fly over the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia in a paramotor.

Pass your tandem qualification

Discover enduro riding

You are a paramotor pilot and adventure lover, you want to see Africa from the sky?

This expedition is for you

Our 13-day paramotor expedition takes place in the heart of Africa, in the secret places of one of the most spectacular regions of Namibia.

We will head north to Damaraland for a true 6-day expedition into authentic wild Africa in search of wildlife of all your fantasies while flying over breathtaking landscapes.

On your return, you will be a bush pilot who has lived an extraordinary experience.

Are you planning to pass your tandem qualification?

This adventure is the perfect opportunity to combine travel and training. Our itinerary is suitable for tandem passenger-carrying training. We have a specially dedicated paramotor and wing.

Your itinerary

One of the last unspoiled wilderness areas in Africa, Kaokoland in northwestern Namibia. This country belongs to its original inhabitants: the Himbas, they live among jagged mountains, rocky slopes, deep river valleys and semi-desert plains. These people have maintained the same way of life for centuries. You will enter desert regions where man cannot settle, the territory of an incredible number of wild animals such as desert elephant, lions, oryx, kudus, springboks, black rhino, ostriches, giraffes and mountain zebras.

The landscapes here send their admiration at dusk and in the late afternoon. When the light covers this infinite horizon with a palette of pastel colours, a grandiose sensation invades you, at that moment you are among the privileged few.

Flying in the bush

The expedition will take you to fly in remote areas of Africa where few travellers and pilots have ever explored. We will fly every day over unique landscapes in search of wildlife.

We will follow in the footsteps of great explorers such as Axel ERIKSSON, Fred GREEN, SMUTS, the first white man to reach the Kunene River from the South not so long ago and George HARTMANN who gave his name to the mountains. They explored these territories when Namibia was still a no man’s land.

We adjust our itinerary on the way to adapt to the weather, which can vary from day to day.

We are always ready to change our forecast to make the most of wildlife encounters or other opportunities.

Take off on foot or take off in a wagon

Choose your type of take-off, we have a single-seater trolley specially developed to take off in African conditions.

Mobile camp

Our mobile bush camp leaves nothing to chance, while keeping the spirit of an expedition your comfort remains a concern. Electricity to recharge your appliances, a comfortable mattress and a shower are real luxuries here.

A refrigerator is specially dedicated to offer you fresh drinks at all times.

We will prepare a selection of wine and beer according to your tastes.

Every day the team will set up a comfortable camp where we can rest and enjoy a delicious dinner around the fire. Our chef from a 5-star resort and cooking teacher in Windhoek will work miracles in the middle of the bush with the help of his assistant to delight you in this fabulous setting.

Far from everything but reachable

Our logistics are complete, insert your sim card into our satellite phones and stay in touch with your loved ones.

On your return

For your return flight to Windhoek International Airport, you can opt for a private plane (Cessna 310 twin, or Cessna Caravan), a comfortable and faster option than the 4×4.


Mobile camp

Comfortable canvas tent, individual, 2.3 m x 2.3 m with beds and mattresses

Comfortable camping chairs and tables and all the best equipment

Satellite phone (only in case of emergency)

Satellite phone (free use with your SIM card)

SPOT Tracker

Long distance VHF for communication between vehicles

Continuous emergency preparedness and evacuation plans

First aid kit

General logistics

-Toyota Land cruiser pick up double cab

-Nissan Patrol 4.5L

-Option: Mercedes Unimog 1750 4×4 truck (former PARIS-DAKAR truck)

-Stabilized UAV with GPS guidance, Canon 5D mark II SLR camera, GoPro and professional shooting equipment

-Complete workshop, compressor, spare parts, soldering iron and tools

-Motorcycle option : KTM 640 or Suzuki DR 650

– New tires and chain

– Reinforced frame, cover plate

– Long autonomy tank between 25 and 30L

– Radio communication with the 4×4, GPS

Tandem paramotor logistics

-Tandem paramotor for tandem flights


-Expedition leader, paramotor instructor

-Head cook



Program of your training

The purpose of this training for licensed pilots is to learn to fly tandem aircraft with passenger carry-on:

– Essential notions : pilot, passenger, glider, engine

– Safe installation of the tandem equipment

– Engine starting

– Take-off simulations

– Take-off and landing control

– Safety instructions

– Engine failure simulation

Highlights of the trip

Experience a real pilot expedition in the bush in Africa as you have always dreamed of with professional adventurers.

Meet the original Himba people

Option: pass your tandem qualification during the trip by combining the useful with the pleasant.

Option: choose enduro motorcycle trips if you wish (Suzuki Dr650 or Yamaha 660 Tenere), you will follow our convoy and can alternate with the 4×4.

Logistics and experts worthy of the greatest documentaries, we use an old PARIS-DAKAR truck.

Our chef from a 5 star resort and cooking teacher in Windhoek will work miracles in the middle of the bush to delight you in this fabulous setting.

Fly over the magnificent giraffes and large herds of oryx in the sand.

Discover the incredible dry rivers, untouched by any exploration.

Camp in the middle of the bush where only the animals will be your neighbours, to the sound of roaring lions.

Fly over the last real free elephants

Bring back an imperishable souvenir, filmed by a drone and photographed by a professional.

Be the privileged actors of this unique experience, which only we have the complex formula for.

Your 13-day itinerary

Day 0f Arrival in Namibia – Windhoek

Arrival at Windhoek International Airport, transfer to the Arebbush lodge where our team is waiting for you. First briefing over a delicious dinner.

Day 1 Palmwag Damaraland

We leave with all the logistics for 650 km through fabulous landscapes, the natural borders with Damaraland.

Soon the asphalt is replaced by a gravel road and we pass very few vehicles. The convoy will leave early in the morning, we will reach the lodge at Palmwag concession in the afternoon. You will enjoy the evening in this superb lodge where elephants are often the surprise guests. We will prepare the paramotors and all the equipment for the flying day ahead.

Day 2 Huab valley

After putting the equipment in the vehicles, we will leave towards the Huab valley, there is a lot of wildlife here, we may come across the endangered black rhino. We will set up camp and prepare the paramotors to fly before sunset if the wind is not too strong.

Day 3 Hoanib valley

This valley is the territory of the desert elephant, we will take off at 6am for an early morning flight, sometimes there is a light fog, this is a great opportunity to fly above this layer for the first time. We will leave the camp after breakfast.

We can make an evening flight while the team sets up camp. Here we often hear the lions roar during the night. There are regular flash floods in the bed of this dry river that carries away everything in its path, so we know where to camp safely.

Day 4 Hoanib valley

We will continue to fly here and enjoy the endless possibilities of this incredible place. This is the only place where we can refuel for the next 800 kilometres.

Day 5 Khumib

After our last morning flight to Hoanib and a good breakfast, we will leave with the 4WDs for 3 hours on the track towards Huarusib valley, a completely different landscape. If there is not too much water, we will cross the Khumib valley. If necessary, we will camp around Huarusib. We will relax and enjoy the view while the team sets up camp waiting for the evening flight.

Day 6 Nadas valley

If the fog doesn’t reach us, we will take off for an anthology flight following the dry riverbed in search of the giraffes and oryx which are very often here. After breakfast, we will leave 150 km further to another valley with a break in Nadas. We will fly at sunset.

Day 7 Cunene

Morning flight to Nadas with lots of wildlife and totally flat mountain tops in the background. After breakfast we will fly to the end of the world where Namibia meets Angola along the Cunene river. We will stay here for two days, the flight possibilities are unlimited. We will fly in the evening if the conditions allow it.

Day 8 Cunene

Morning flight in the Cunene Valley over secret waterfalls and giant dunes of the Skeleton coast, there is a lot of wildlife here. We will spend the whole day here, if it is not too hot we can walk to the river to observe the huge crocodiles that live here. We will fly at night.

Day 9 Ondusengo

Morning flight to Cunene. After breakfast, we will leave for the Ondusengo valley where we will spend the night. Big loop of 50 km in flight to explore the surrounding desert.

Day 10 Khumib

This morning, we will fly above the fog layer if it appears before sunrise. The landscape above the clouds is unreal. After breakfast, we will fly to Khumib where the elephants are numerous. We will camp here and fly in the evening.

Day 11 Sesfontein

After the last morning flight over Khumib, we will leave for Sesfontein, the gate of Kaokoland. We will join the gravel road and sleep in the Sesfontein fort to rest around the swimming pool.

Day 12 Windhoek

A full day’s drive to Windhoek, 750 km away (Option: you can make this trip by private plane if you wish to take an international flight on the same day). We will sleep at the Arebush lodge, a comfortable place to dismantle the paramotors and have dinner one last time all together.

Day 13 Transfer to Windhoek International Airport