A journey of precursors

Of all the countries in Southeast Asia, Burma is probably the most mysterious, the one that still exerts the most unbroken fascination. The stupas that proudly point to the sky, the gold poured over the temples built of red brick that makes them so characteristic, traditional Buddhism, the diversity of peoples, the ancient capitals, the elegance of the inhabitants dressed in longyi, wearing turbans and thanaka make-up, self-sufficiency, the use of ancestral tools and buffalo carts, set off for an exceptional destination. The original kindness of the Burmese offers a bath of youth. Travelling in Burma means exploring a thousand year old culture, discovering another way of looking at things, it’s a change of perspective. An authentic and natural country whose soul is preserved from the modern world, you will have the feeling of being the first and you are part of it. Far from the sea lanes and the great invasions then isolated for 30 years, this country has kept its personality far from globalization.

The mystical plain with 2200 pagodas in Bagan, BURMA.

In Bagan (formerly Pagan), capital of the first Burmese empire, pedal by bicycle and travel by horse-drawn carriage between the 2,200 temples and stupas in the heart of this famous plain scattered like a timeless forest. With the same grandeur as the temple of Angkor in Cambodia, this ancient site on the banks of the Irrawaddy River is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It once had no less than 10,000 buildings, one temple was built there every week for 200 years, as builders sought to obtain the famous merits of Buddhism.
At the top of Shwe San Daw, the setting sun makes the treetops where the pinnacles of the temples stand everywhere, a mirage show with colours so warm that fantastic fiery forms are then outlined. To dominate this twilight will remain memorable, Indiana Jones and Tintin are not far away.
What do you think about a morning hot air balloon flight to greet this sacred area at sunrise. This forty-five minute flight with the wind will remain an unforgettable experience punctuated by a breakfast sprinkled with the age-old glass of champagne. In 1783, during their first flight, the Montgolfier brothers, happy to be still alive, wished to celebrate their return to dry land with dignity. In good French, they uncorked a bottle of champagne. Today, the tradition is respected throughout the world: all balloon flights end with a glass of champagne.

The INLE lake and its floating villages

A day in a traditional pirogue on this lake surrounded by green mountains transports you to another world: wooden villages perched on stilts, markets, pagodas, floating gardens, post office hut surrounded by lotus. In the village of In Dein, at the end of a long covered gallery, is the Alaung Sitthou monastery and its forest of ten thousand stupas, built by the inhabitants of the region since the 12th century.
Here, the tribes live from the lake, the fishermen propel their boats in a very special way with a leg wrapped around the oar to handle their nets. Enchanting, peaceful, resourcing, time seems to have stopped here and you yourself will be instantly seized by this atmosphere. The light is soft, the colors are bright, smiles are everywhere, let yourself be carried away in this moment that you will never be able to tell through a maze of canals and marshes surrounded by hyacinths that takes the place of the road. Approach the pirogues of the floating market at the time of the Intha, the tribe of the lake. Cross the lake dike by bike and go the other way by climbing on a dugout canoe. Or enjoy a refreshing thermal bath on the shores of the lake.


– An intact country still preserved from the modern world
– Take a rejuvenation bath in contact with the kindness of the Burmese people.
– Timeless places, a soothing atmosphere
– The mystical plain of Bagan and its 2200 temples and stupas…
– Lake Inle: wooden villages perched on stilts, markets, pagodas and floating gardens
– Enjoy a refreshing thermal bath on the shores of the lake.
– A balloon flight worthy of the great explorations
– Brightly coloured markets
– A curious but discreet welcome by a people that you will fascinate.
– In traditional dugout canoes, in horse-drawn carriages, by bicycle, to the rhythm of the country…
– Assemble your trip with a cruise to the as yet unexplored Mergui Islands
– Options : motorbike loops, exceptional dives, learn to fly by microlight