Jungle, Mekong and wonders hidden in the land of smile and legendary archeology

Tonle Sap Lake

Leave for the country of smile and delicacy, discovering a culture where gastronomic, archaeological, colonial and human wealth deserves several trips.

Angkor temples

In 1860, the French botanist Henri MOUHOT discovered Angkor Wat by serendipity in the middle of the jungle. It is necessary to present the most majestic and most famous of the temples of the Angkor plain, the geatest religious edifice ever built. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is erected as the 8th wonder of Cambodia in the ancient world. It is the pride of the Cambodians, its emblem is on the national flag. Passing by the southern bridge surrounded by warriors and then by the door guarded by this gigantic face that gives access to the fortified city of Angkor Thom, “the great capital”, discover the Bayon like an explorer. In front of you stand 49 towers that count 172 huge and enigmatic faces carved in the sandstone. The light variations give the impression that they are looking at you smiling, they are unique in the world, you will be bewitched. Ta Prohm is a succession of porticos and rooms, where nature has taken back its rights.