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Travel in France

Discover the most beautiful country in the world, bring its heritage to life for today and tomorrow.

Travel in France is all this while optimising your travel.

Choose your inspirations among the 12 experiences to create your Travel in France

We will assemble them for you, tailor-made

The Great Corsica Adventure


Explore the island of beauty as you have never seen it before with this exceptional tailor-made trip to Corsica.

Explore the island, from its towering mountains dropping into the sea to its emerald creeks and desert.

voyage sur mesure en corse

From the mountains to the sea in the heart of South-East France


Explore the South-East of France, travel through mythical landscapes, from the mountains to the sea.

France from South to West

From the mountains to the sea in the heart of South-East France

The French North West: wild, peaceful and royal


Explore the North West of France, wild Brittany, peaceful Normandy and the royal Loire.

Northeast France from the lakes to the peaks


From the North to the East of France.

The welcoming Hauts-de-France, the hilly Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and the Grand-Est.

Voyage Nord France

Our 5 themes for your trips


France in a classic car


Step back in time and bring a heritage to life. Driving a classic car is a way to discover the country's treasures slowly, taking the time to see and feel, with your nose to the wind. Charm, nostalgia, adventure, heritage and authenticity await you during this road-trip in a classic car.

Voyage en voiture de collection

France by motorbike


A land of dazzling diversity. We have created for you motorbike travel itineraries in France in each region. Some are mythical, others more confidential.

voyage moto en France

France by sidecar


Discover the regions in a different way, as a passenger or on the handlebars of a real icon, thanks to our trip in France in a sidecar.

Follow the curves of the small roads with a "sider" pilot or at the handlebars after a compulsory training with us (motorbike licence required).Voyage en side-car

France on horseback


Horseback riding is a way of exploring the country's heritage on horseback. Horse riding in France is an outdoor activity that allows you to explore a region in its most remote corners.

la France à cheval

France by Air


Looking for a trip to France by plane or hot air balloon?

Discover France's aeronautical heritage from the air.

And why not take an aerial Tour de France through an original trip in France?

Voyager dans les airs

The 12 Experiences of your trip


I / Aquatic Environment

II / The Air Environment

III / The Land Odyssey

IV / Wellness

V / Driving & Piloting

VI / Wildlife

VII / Accommodation

VIII / Heritage & History

IX / Epicureanism & Gastronomy

X / Image

XI / Gliding

XII / Going beyond the limits

I / The aquatic environment


A moment on the surface or underwater to discover the coastline, approach marine life, explore an island or discover the mystery of a wreck.

Sailing in an old rigging, silent electric boat, barge or canoe guided by the stars on lakes, oceans, seas or rivers.

An immersion in a submarine, diving or snorkelling at the aquatic origin of humanity.

voyage en France

II / The Aerial Environment


A flight in a vintage, aerobatic or legendary aircraft that offers you a unique viewpoint in contact with the birds.

Seaplane, hot air balloon, aerostat, biplane, gyroplane, glider, microlight, each aircraft invites you to a particular style of flight to be adapted according to the place, island, castles or alpine summit.

voyage en avion en France

III / The Land Odyssey


An odyssey with an original vehicle with 2, 3, 4 wheels or tracks.

Mythical or retro, sidecar, vintage vespa scooter, vintage motorbike, moped, snowmobile, vintage car, each land vehicle invites a different sensation to be adapted to the environment and the weather.

voyage à moto en France

IV / Wellness


Spa & Massages

A tastefully decorated spa, conducive to relaxation, is the result of the right balance of ancestral know-how. Everywhere, a spa is a place where you can forget about everyday life, beautify yourself, rest, be pampered, feel your five senses and take care of your health. Imagine a thermal water bath made of stone and wood, facing the sea or the mountains.

voyage bien être en France

Yoga & Meditation


Yoga is the practice of a set of postures and breathing exercises that aim to bring physical and mental well-being. This ancient art of living can also be practised more simply as a method of getting back into shape.

voyage yoga en France

V / Driving & Piloting


Get to grips with the steering wheel, the stick, the controls, the helm or the handlebars to discover an aircraft, ship, vehicle or a way of piloting and experience a new sensation.

VI / Wildlife


A contemplative contact with the country's wildlife, in its environment: bears, wolves, lynx, beaver, marmot, otter or seal, dolphin or eagle.




A gesture that contributes to safeguarding, reintroducing, perpetuating and passing on the wildlife and the environment for today and tomorrow. Plant a tree, help an orphan to return to the wild.

voyage faune sauvage en France

VII / Accommodation


Refined or unusual accommodation to continue the wonder.

Exceptional castles and estates with a distinct personality.

Lighthouses, reformed aircraft, old wagons, former banks or theatres, astronomical observatories, yurts, mills, cabins, mountain huts. On stilts, perched in the trees, on a mountainside or in a cave.

hébergement insolite en France

VIII / Heritage & History


In the heart of history, icons and legends. Detours through hamlets, small towns of character, the most beautiful villages in France and other castles. At the crossroads of the glory of the past and contemporary comfort via paths, byways and picturesque departmental roads.

plus beaux villages de France



A gesture that contributes to the restoration, preservation and transmission of heritage for today and tomorrow.

Legends & Treasure Hunts


A treasure hunt on land, in the air or in the water to have fun and to appeal to your spirit.

A quest linked to the reality of a real treasure that cannot be found today. Like that of the Templars who have not yet revealed all their secrets, their treasure could well be in Rennes le Château.

voyage en France

IX / Epicureanism & Gastronomy


Aromas and tastes of gastronomy and spirits from the alchemy of the land.

Become an actor in your tasting, the best workers in France and starred chefs will pass on their knowledge to you during a practical session in their own land, at the heart of their universe.

voyage moto France alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health

X / Image


A photographic moment to capture your moment of beauty and remembrance underwater, in flight or in a beautiful land light.

voyage photo en France

XI / Gliding


The sensations of board sports can be experienced intensely in all three environments. Freediving for the lightness of the water, surfing to commune with the waves, kayaking and rafting for the pleasure of white water, sailing to sail to the sound of the wind, kitesurfing to move between two worlds and paragliding to make man's dream come true: flying in silence.

kitesurf en France

XII / Surpassing yourself


A new physical or sporting activity to challenge yourself mentally and physically.

à cheval en France

Our experiences in France

France by Air

Land in a special place for the day on one of our themes. Discover the aeronautical heritage from the air. And why not take a Tour de France by air?

France by Motorbike

We have created itineraries for you in each region.

Coastal Conservatory

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