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Travel in France by Air

Are you looking for a trip to France by plane or hot-air balloon?

In a classic, retro, hydro or microlight plane, land in a special place for the day in one of our themes.

In a hot-air balloon, feel the magic of being lighter than air in direct contact with the sky.

Discover France's aeronautical heritage from the air.

How about an aerial Tour de France through an original journey in France?

Voyage en France par les Airs

The Islands

Corsica and Elba Island

The Breton Islands: Belle-île, Ouessant

Channel Islands Jersey and Guernsey

Yeu Island and Oleron Island



Man-made wonders to be discovered with this trip to France by plane or hot-air balloon.

The castles of the Loire Valley

Viaducts and canals


Le Mont St Michel

Places of memory

Airbus in Occitania and cargo aircraft

The story of a personality: Leonardo da Vinci


Wonders shaped by nature

The mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, the Alps, the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Calanques, the Arcachon Basin, the Gorges du Tarn, the Seine loops

Valleys and volcanoes

Lake Annecy, Lake Geneva

Grey cape and white cape nose

The Tour de France from East to West, from North to South, by the coast or across the country.


Moments to capture with this trip to France

Sunrise or sunset

Aerial photography

A treasure hunt

The night flight

Landing in a private domain for lunch in the open air

Car racing: Le Mans classic

Landing in the mountains, at the Courchevel altiport for a meal or a day's skiing in the summer.


Aerial sensations


The speed flight

Immersion in the world of skydiving on a drop zone.


The aeronautical heritage

Flying in a twin-engine aircraft

Flying in a plane full of history

Flying in a vintage airplane

Land at the Aviation Museum in Duxford, UK.

IFR flight, instrument flight rules


Around France

Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Ibiza in Spain

Spa: the spa town and Tournai in Belgium

Lake Geneva and Gruyère in Switzerland


History of aeronautics

The hot-air balloon was invented by the Montgolfier brothers in 1782. In 1783, the first human flight took place in Paris. The balloon is then captive, that is to say, connected to the ground by a rope and later by a metal cable. The zeppelin is a rigid airship type aerostat, manufactured in Germany in the 19th century, but inspired by the French balloons used during the War of 1870. A seaplane is an airplane with the ability to land, land or take off on water. There are two main families of aircraft, the hull seaplane and the floatplane. It is an airplane or ULM (Ultra Light Motorized). The first seaplane flight took place in France in 1905.   Find our trips in France on our dedicated page. And for more information about your next destination, visit the French Tourism website.

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Départs programmés

Voici la sélection de notre équipe pour voyager facilement avec la bonne durée et une visibilité sur le budget.

Les dates et tous les détails sont modifiables sur-mesure.

Certains voyages sont prévus lors des périodes de vacances scolaires, spécialement étudiés pour les familles.

Certains voyages sont prévus hors vacances scolaires pour profiter de la destination avec moins d’affluence.

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