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Apnea trip to Saint Helena

Napoleon & Adventures

Napoleon and island history

During your free diving trip to St. Helena, immerse yourself in the last 6 years of Napoleon's life, every hour of which has been documented.

  • Take part in the bicentenary of the death of Emperor Napoleon I on 5 May 2021.
  • Napoleon's first tomb before his transfer to the Hôtel des Invalides
  • The French domains of St. Helena: the valley of the tomb, the Briars' pavilion and Longwood house
  • British forts, castles, cemeteries, churches and cannons steeped in history
  • The history of Napoleon, the Zulus, the Boers, slavery, navigation, etc.

The island of Saint Helena

  • The volcanic tracks of the island in 4x4 to discover the British fortifications erected against Napoleon's rescue attempts.
  • An atypical airport, perched 310 m on top of a cliff, requiring special planes and pilots.
  • A contrast of black and green between an extinct volcano and lush vegetation
  • Jacob's ladder, 699 dizzying stairs between Jamestown and the 280 m high fort.
  • Jamestown, capital city nestled between canyon and ocean, Georgian architecture perfectly preserved, history is omnipresent there
  • One of the rarest coffees in the world
  • Jonathan, one of the oldest land animals, a Seychelles tortoise that resides in the gardens of Plantation house, the home of the British governor.
  • The access point to Ascension Island, British territory confidential
  • One of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world.
  • Amazing hikes between flowered mountains and ocean
  • A pure sky, favourable to astronomical observation, the inventory of the southern stars was carried out there by Edmond HALLEY in 1677.
  • The "Saints", a warm and talented mixed race population
  • Vertiginous roads on the side of a volcano
  • Make part of the trip in a cargo ship during the rotation Cape town, St Helena, Ascension Island.

voyage à Sainte Hélène

The South Atlantic Ocean from the surface to the depths

Trip to St. Helena

  • An ideal destination for freedivers and snorkelers, explore unknown marine species.
  • Groups of several dozen whale sharks from January to March, up to 30 specimens counted during the same dive.
  • Dolphins present all year round in large numbers
  • The majestic and graceful mobula rays in warm translucent water (24°)
  • The migration of humpback whales from June to December
  • Volcanic sea caves
  • Explore and map pristine dive sites
  • "The Galapagos Islands of the South Atlantic", a 200-mile marine protected area around the coasts
  • Eight shallow, preserved wrecks full of endemic butterflyfish
  • Snorkeling accessible to all, especially on the wreck of the SS Papa Nui, 50 m from the edge and 13 m deep, a steamboat carrying coal, it caught fire. Today it is inhabited by lobsters and sometimes protrudes from the surface.
  • The Darkdale, a tanker sunk by a U boat, a German submarine. We pass tuna fish on the way down...
  • Frontier, a fishing boat carrying drugs, was seized and sunk...
  • Birds and in particular the endemic St Helen's Gravelot (a species found exclusively on this island).
  • Traditional Tuna Pole Fishing

voyage apnée à sainte hélène

Trip to St. Helena

Napoleon and Apnea

  • International flight
    Paris - Johannesburg
    or Paris - Cape town from December to February
  • Flights every Saturday to/from Johannesburg.
  • Duration 6h15 outbound and 4h45 return.
  • Flights every Tuesday from/to Cape Town (Option: discovery of the Cape region, safari and diving). Duration 6h15 outbound and 4h20 return.

Tailor-made all inclusive trip to Saint Helena from 3775€, including :

  • Flights from Paris to Saint Helena, and back, via Johannesburg or Cape town (South Africa)
  • Accommodation in a 4* Hotel, 1 night in Johannesburg or Cape town, return trip.
  • 8 nights on St. Helena with breakfast (Option: lunch and dinner)
  • 8 freediving exploration sessions including equipment
  • 2 whale shark snorkeling trips (in season from January to March) or marine fauna all year round.
  • Rental car on the island
  • Guided tour of the island in 4x4
  • Guided tours by Michel Dancoisne-Martineau, Director of the National Domains of St. Helena.

French National Domains

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