• Mon Expérience
  • Nous contacter
  • Photograph the cheetah sprint at 80 km/h so close to you
  • We provide you professional photography equipment
  • Kayak with sea lions, dolphins, penguins and flamingos
  • At the sunset, around water points, enjoy a drink facing the animals
  • Gallop at the top of red dunes on horseback with the strong "Quarter Horse"
  • Face the tracks on a motorcycle or 4x4 accompanied by wildlife
  • Follow the movements of the wind with the paragliding : try a tandem or take a course
  • Observe the desert awaken at sunrise during a hot air balloon flight, a unique variety of dunes in the world, white, red and orange
  • Fly from a landscape to another, from the ocean to the desert, in a plane with our "bush pilots "
  • Enjoy a "bush dinner", bushmeat in the incomparable sky of the southern hemisphere, full of stars




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