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The harmless whale shark in the Mozambique
  • An experience for everyone, at the surface, only with a mask and a snorkel
  • Swim with dolphins families in a perfect turquoise water
  • A world class site for whale watching
  • Explore a tropical destination in Africa, still confidential and intact
  • We identify the great marine life from the sky and guarantee the encounters with the support of our microlight
  • For scuba divers , the Mozambique is one of the world’s top 10 shark dives
  • The Maputo Marine Protected Area offers a peaceful place for the turtle nesting
  • Treat yourself with cooked seafood at how Mozambique Meet people and endearing smile
  • After your sea safari, go on a land safari, looking for mammals in a reserve
  • Change your perspective with paragliding : try a tandem or take a course


Nagez avec le plus grand poisson du monde : l’inoffensif requin baleine

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