Diving cruise on an exceptional sailboat in the Andaman Sea

Bound for the Andaman Sea, the most beautiful spots of Thailand, Myanmar and soon the Gulf of Bengal in India

Get on board !

Sail on the Andaman Sea for a scuba diving safari, on a luxury cruise in the Similans and Surin archipelago from Phuket Island in Thailand.

A traditional schooner

You will sail aboard the most beautiful boat in the archipelago, a traditional schooner from Southeast Asia.Unique, it is custom-made for a journey in an extraordinary atmosphere, it will bring you back to the romantic time of the early 20th century. Under 400 m2 of sails, 35 meters long and 7m wide, it offers seven cabins, spacious and decorated with care. They are equipped with air conditioning, individual bathrooms and LCD screens. The ship hosts a maximum of 14 guests, guaranteeing each one a true intimacy on board and a refined service. Thanks to its stability, its departues scheduled at the best time and mooring in protected areas, you will not have to worry about seasickness.  A 425-horsepower engine completes the propulsion of the sails.

Gastronomy, cocktails and fine wines

Onboard, the refinement even goes in your plate, you will enjoy the wonderful cuisine of the head chef, especially through the Thai and French gastronomy and this in the unique atmosphere of the famous local hospitality. Up to the sorbet, everything is made on board. The fish still wriggling, is bought from the fishermen well meet during our navigation. For the lovers, it can be prepared in the Japanese way. The bar serves delicate cocktails and offers a wide of fine wines. Coffee is ideally prepared with a percolator and delicious Belgian pralines are offered after dinner. A sunshade allows you to enjoy meals on the main deck sheltered from the sun.

Traditional Thai massages

During your cruise, revitalize yourself during a traditional Thai massage in an extraordinary setting and let you be rocked by the sea. The experienced crew has the necessary training and diplomas.

A dream route: the Similan and Surin archipelago.

55 nautical (nautical miles) of the fascinating Phang Nga Bay, well known for its famous James Bond rock, nine coral islands are found in the Andaman Sea, you are here, in Similan, the theater of incredibly rich dives and more exclusive that the ones in the Gulf of Siam. Surfing continues to Surin National Park, fishing has been prohibited since 1981, so the fauna is larger, denser and less fearful than on sites where the ease of access leads to an intense frequentation. The islands have also been uninhabited since the end of the Second World War. Cross the islands perfumed with discovery, the granitic rocks that evoke the Seychelles, the arches that sublimate the sunsets, set foot on a fine white sand as thin as flour and contemplate a dense tropical vegetation which offers the setting of an adventure movie.

A wide range of blues

During this journey, you will appreciate the legendary clarity of these waters whose shades range from sky blue to turquoise through azure and cyan. On the islands as under water, the colors have an indescribable warmth and intensity.

Cross the mirror of the sea, look underwater
Open your eyes to this profusion of life, clouds of reef fish, preserved coral formations, an exuberant underwater flora and the feeling that the place only belongs to you. Each dive is different, the topography and the species encountered vary from one site to another, the diversity of this region has earned a world-class reputation. Contemplate the granite mounds of Boulder City full of nudibranchs, Christmas Points arches, scree, caves and canyons. Or the gardens of corals planted with enchanting alcyonaires and giant gorgons rocked by the breaths of the sea.

Fabulous dives accessible to all

Here, the dives are very easy to access, the visibility can reach until 40 meters (the equivalent of a 13-storey building), and the undertow and waves are non-existent or very weak. The dives are programmed at day, at dusk or at night and allow quick progress for inexperienced divers. Diving certificate (PADI Advanced open water diver) and specialties (night diving, deep diving, nitrox diving: enriched air used especially for successive immersions) can be carried out during the cruise, allowing training in a comfortable environment, to combine useful with pleasant. The diver / instructor ratio is 3 for 1. It reflects the quality of service as well on board than underwater and the priority given to safety.

The great fauna of the Indian Ocean

During this safari, you will most likely encounter the great fauna of the Indian Ocean, especially during the ballet of the majestic and enigmatic manta rays, whose intensity and intelligence will not leave you indifferent. This is the largest rays, it can reach 9 meters and exceed 1 ton. Elegant, powerful but harmless, it is very curious towards divers, sometimes offering them a demonstration of aerobatics. Fifteen of them can then follow each other and chain loops and tight turns under the astonished gaze of their spectators, witnesses of one of the most beautiful shows in the underwater world. We also have a good chance to bump into the world’s largest fish, the peaceful whale shark, this gentle giant can reach 14 meters (the length of a bus) and weigh more than 15 tons. Its dorsal livery in checkerboard
with white dots creates lighting effects and spectacular reflections. Like a fingerprint, it is unique to each individual, scientists use it to carry out satellite marking. The passage of this gigantic creature in front of your mask will give you the impression to suddenly shrunk. In Koh Bon, Koh Tachaà¯, or above the great falls of Richelieu rock, the ocean current brings a planktonic manna which feeds the great fauna, this explains their regular presence. The inoffensive leopard shark wears the dress of the animal it is named after and moves with grace, propelled by its long caudal fin that undulates like a ribbon. The Hawksbill sea turtle, scaled, hawksbill or universally turtle Eretmochelys imbricata can measure 90 cm for 120 kg, it has scales with black and yellow flames overlapping such as tiles. It is the most common ambassador of marine turtles and frequents coral reefs where it comes to feed. The small, Olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) measures 70 cm for 45 kg, it is recognizable by its green uniform. The leatherback sea turtle, (Dermochelys coriacea) is the giant one which can reach 2m30 for 900 kg. Its
tortoise-shell without scales is covered with a leather which has earned its English name. Finally, green sea turtle, (Chelonia mydas) measures 1m80 for 150 kg, vegetarian, it is typical of the herbarium and is distinguished by its massive head and its marbled, brown or olive green shell.

A day on board

The alarm clock goes off around 7:00 am we take a slight snack before the first dive. Breakfast is served after this first immersion. A second dive precedes lunch. After at least a two hour break, the dives starts again from 2 pm to 8 pm with a daytime immersion and another at dusk or during the last rays of the sun. After a shower provided by the water desalinator on board, we meet for dinner. Logistics and equipment

Two semi-stiff zodiacs of 4m20 ensure the launching and the recovery of the divers. In the back, a large platform is dedicated to the divers, and make possible to prepare comfortably. The bottles are filled directly by the crew between the immersions, it only takes a few seconds to put on the equipment. Forget the tedious assembling and dismantling. The compressor makes possible to inflate the nitrox bottles (BAUER Mariner 250 P41). The water is at a very pleasant temperature, between 28 ° and 30 °. So we are lucky enough to be able to dive in a swimsuit. However, we recommend a thin combination to protect you from abrasion. The air is between 25 °c and 34 °c, you will hardly feel the transition from one element to another.

For those who do not dive

It is common for non-divers to embark with us, they take advantage of visiting islands, kayaking or snorkeling on the shallow reefs. It is of course possible to share these moments together between the dives. Divers are only absent for maximum fifty minutes, four times a day.
The boat for you alone
You can privatize the ship to carry out your own cruise, duration, itinerary and activities can be defined according to your wishes. According to the desired program, we will propose you a tailor-made offer.
The future of success
Building on its success, the shipyard of a second version of this traditional schooner is in progress. Based on this successful concept, you will soon become the explorers of the Bay of Bengal, a destination still virgin.
Highlights of this underwater adventure:
An exceptional sailboat who brings out an new adventure atmosphere
Guests in small committee enjoy a refined service
World-class diving sites, preserved and uncrowded
Dives accessible to all and framed closely, ideal for learning or progressing
Hot and translucent water
Exploring one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world
The great fauna of the Indian Ocean
A gastronomic journey in the highest comfort