Do you think you have really visited Paris ?
Follow us to discover secret places and new adventures !
  • Forget the Eiffel tower, le Louvre, les Folies bergères and discover the secret architectural treasures of Paris on a different way.
  • Live an adventure through action, architecture and history to discover the hidden and unusual Paris.
  • Explore Paris underground, its river and aerial face, you will rediscover the City of Lights.
  • To design this Adventure, we have explored places you don’t imagine.
  • We will open for your the doors usually locked. Follow us and enjoy our master key, we have the only one.
  • Always guided for a total safety.

hidden Seine river by
Pontoon boat


  • Confortable, original, close to the water surface, this boats allow us to go where the big ones cannot.
  • Discover the canal saint martin, the underground Seine river, through the Arsenal harbor at la Bastille. Then, you cruise to confidential islands in the Seine river loops. On the water or on an island, share a cocktail, breakfast, lunch or  dinner.
  • Enjoy the sunrise, have breakfast on the water, you are the only boat on the river. We drop you close to your next destination along the Seine at the quay of your choice.
  • CRUISE CINEMA ALONG THE SEINE Come aboard the cruise Cinema along the Seine, and view the banks, the bridges and the monuments of Paris with a cinematic eye ! While onboard, you will sail along the Seine to discover famous monuments immortalized by movies, actors or cartoons that have been filmed in Paris. See for yourself the world famous cathedral of the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the mysterious Louvre of the Da Vinci Code. Be sure to admire the hill of Montmartre recalling the movie Moulin Rouge and do remember of Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris with the Pont Alexandre III. You will pass under the Bir-Hakeim bridge of Inception, or the Debilly bridge that inspired Girl on the Bridge. And of course, you will have time to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower in the background, as if you were living in the movie Amélie Poulain !
  • CRUISE LOVE IN PARIS With the cruise Love in Paris, take your lover on a perfect romantic adventure while floating down the Seine ! Once aboard our private boats, you will discover the monuments linked to the famous love stories that span History. You will admire the beautiful Ile Saint-Louis where the poet Charles Baudelaire lived with his mistress Jeanne Duval. You will see the house of Abelard and Heloise situated on the Quai aux fleurs and not far away is the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris immortalized by Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Admire the Pont des Arts popularized by its padlocks or “Locks of love”. Imagine Doisneau’s Kiss while gazing at the flamboyant architecture of the Hôtel de Ville. Of course, you will have time to study the Eiffel Tower, synonymous with Paris being the City of Love, then the Mirabeau Bridge sung by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire. Finally, go east and pass under the Simone de Beauvoir Bridge evoking the lover of the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. Create memories of a lifetime with this exceptional cruise !
  • CRUISE ARTIST’S LIFE in PARIS With the cruise Artist’s Life in Paris, let the wind push you into the heart of the City that has inspired so many many writers, poets and artists over the centuries. From our boat you will follow the footsteps of Charles Baudelaire who lived in the Ile Saint-Louis, not far away from the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris immortalized by Victor Hugo. Pass along the Quartier Latin, the Sorbonne and the magnificent Académie française. Admire the splendid Louvre Museum and the Musée d’Orsay which display famous Impressionist paintings. Sail along the Quai Saint Exupéry which bear the name of the author of The Little Prince. Pass under the Pont Mirabeau sung by the poet Apollinaire and photograph yourself before the Statue of Liberty by the sculptor Auguste Bartholdi. This exciting trip continues to the Bibliothèque François Mitterrand which contains masterpieces of literature. There is no doubt that this cruise, out of time, will inspire you !
  • CRUISE FAUNA AND FLORA AROUND THE SEINE With the cruise Fauna and flora around the Seine, sail along the famous Parisian river in an original way inspired by biodiversity. Flowers, trees, animals, real or symbolic, animate the bridges and monuments of Paris with an unique charm. You will see the Quai de la Mégisserie and the Quai aux Fleurs, then the majestic Porte des Lions in the Louvre. You will have the opportunity to observe the poplars and seagulls of the Quai Voltaire, not far from the Jardin des Tuileries. Challenge your friends to identify the horses and marine animals carved on the Pont Alexandre III.  Sail to Ile aux Cygnes not far from Beaugrenelle and the vast park André Citroà«n. Return to the Museum d’Histoire naturelle, known for its menagerie and botanical garden. A nice trip for nature’s lovers !
  • CRUISE MUSIC IN PARIS With the cruise Music in Paris, embark on an unforgettable cultural and musical trip along the Seine ! Famous French popular songs or classical music are broadcast especially for you and your friends.  Amélie Poulain’s famous song will enchant you near the Ile Saint-Louis. You will listen (or sing if you like it  !) La Romance de Paris and Douce France by Charles Trénet under the Pont des Arts and the Pont Neuf. Passing the Port des Champs-Elysées, remember Joe Dassin’s famous song Les Champs-Elysée. Listen to Edith Piaf’s La Vie en Rose at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and La Bohème by Charles Aznavour on seeing the hill of Montmartre. This cruise will delight lovers of Paris as much as music lovers !
  • CRUISE SACRED AND SYMBOLIC PARIS With the cruise Sacred and Symbolic Paris, discover a mysterious Paris on the Seine. Learn to decipher the coats of arms, symbols and allegorical statues along the river. On the Ile de la Cité, pass the mystical cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and see the splendid bell tower of the Sainte-Chapelle. Admire the glittering roofs of the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and the Sacred Heart of Montmartre. View the neo-Gothic American church of the Quai d’Orsay and sail to the iconic Statue of Liberty of Auguste Bartholdi. Extend your journey east to the Quai de la Tournelle to see the high statue of Saint Genevieve protecting Paris by Paul Landowski and go to the Library François Mitterrand.  After passing many architectures full of hidden meanings, you will see Paris in a different way !

 The nautical and ecological parc of
l’ile de monsieur


  • Built like a small harbor from Norway, with a central wooden deck with a small beach along the Seine river.
  • Come to live this nautical adventure by metro, station Pont de Sèvres on line 9.

the Seine river loops by kayak

DSC_1338-2Picture Olivier LENOBLE

  • Learn kayak basics in a unique and magical spot at the gate of Paris in Sèvres.
  • Explore the Seine river loops on a trip to practice your new skills while your guide tell you about the local history.
  • Challenge yourself during a kayak race around Seguin island or try kayak polo.
  • Try the eskimo roll technique in a special pool with a federal instructor.

architectural chef d’oeuvre from the 1930 years at Boulogne-Billancourt
Le Corbusier’s workshop-APARTMENT exclusive visit


  • BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT, la modern city. In 1930, Boulogne is a great place for artistic and architectural creations. Between the two world wars, creators meet at « Boulogne sundays ».

La carrière des capucins
The capucins stone-tip


  • In the backstage of the Cochin hospital, you will find the entry to another world.
  • Behind a common stair, cross the access door to a secret bunker and to the mythic Capucins stone-pit. Hundred stairs below, 20 meter under Paris and the metro. Here, the builders used to extract the stone to built the city.
  • This preserved place is 1,2 kilometer long. It is a historical testimony that your guide will make alive for you.
  • Subtly lighted, this place out of the time, out of the noise and out of the outside world will transport you to the past.
  • Consult us for a private visit.

in spring and summer
  • Live a scenario and learn how to use a survival boat. We will teach you the procedures, try the safety gear in the water in Paris. We still have some surprises for you.