Motorcycle expedition in Namibia

Experience the thrill of enduro riding

Discover the landscapes and wildlife of Namibia

On the handlebars of a motorcycle and from the sky in tandem flight

Are you a biker, a traveler, an adventure lover?

You have never ridden a motorbike off-road or flown an ultralight (paramotor category)?

You want to discover enduro motorcycling and possibly tandem flight. Admire the wildlife and landscapes of Africa along the most beautiful tracks and from the sky.

But you don’t want to compromise on safety, logistics and comfort, so :

This motorcycle expedition and its ULM option are made for you. The 13-day expedition takes place in the heart of Africa, in one of the most spectacular regions of Namibia, where few motorcyclists, travellers and pilots have ever explored these places.

Motorcycle logistics

-KTM 640 for the guide

-Suzuki DR 650 for bikers, perfect for this kind of expedition

-New tires and chain

-Reinforced frame, cover plate

-High autonomy tank between 25 and 30L

-Toyota Land cruiser pick up double cab

-Nissan Patrol 4.5L

-Option: Mercedes Unimog 1750 4×4 truck (former Paris-Dakar truck)

-Radio communication with the 4×4, GPS

-Complete workshop, compressor

-Stabilized UAV with GPS guidance, Canon 5D mark II SLR camera, GoPro and professional shooting equipment

Paramotor logistics (option)

-Tandem paramotor for tandem flights

-200cc engine

-ITV sail specific to tandem

-Propellers: 1.25m and 1.3m


-Expedition leader, tandem pilot and paramotor instructor

-Head cook



Mobile camp

Our mobile bush camp leaves nothing to chance, while keeping the spirit of an expedition your comfort remains a concern. Electricity to recharge your appliances, a comfortable mattress and a shower are real luxuries here.

A refrigerator is specially dedicated to offer you fresh drinks at all times.

We will prepare a selection of wine and beer according to your taste.

Every day the team will set up a comfortable camp where we can rest and enjoy a delicious dinner around the fire. Our chef from a 5-star resort and cooking teacher in Windhoek will work miracles in the middle of the bush with the help of his assistant to treat you to this fabulous setting.


Comfortable canvas tent, individual, 2.3 m x 2.3 m with beds and mattresses

Comfortable camping chairs and tables and all the best equipment

Satellite phone (only in case of emergency)

Satellite phone (free use with your SIM card)

SPOT Tracker

Long distance VHF for communication between vehicles

Continuous emergency preparedness and evacuation plans

First aid kit

Complete workshop with spare parts, soldering iron and tools

Far from everything but reachable

Our logistics are complete, insert your sim card into our satellite phones and stay in touch with your loved ones.

On your return (option)

For your return flight to Windhoek International Airport, you can opt for a private plane (Cessna 310 twin, or Cessna Caravan), a comfortable and faster option.

Travel Highlights

Experience a real motorcycle expedition in Africa as you have always dreamed of it.

Logistics and experts worthy of the highest emissions, we use an old Paris-Dakar truck

Our chef from a 5 star resort and cooking teacher in Windhoek will work miracles in the middle of the bush to delight you in this fabulous setting.

Be the privileged actors of this unique experience, which only we have the complex formula for.

Bring back an imperishable souvenir, filmed by a drone and photographed by a professional.

Option : Fly in tandem during your adventure for another point of view thanks to our ultralight pilot (paramotor category)

Ride and fly as close as possible to giraffes, the last real free elephants and large herds of oryx, the great fauna like nowhere else.

Discover the incredible dry rivers, untouched by any exploration.

Camp in the middle of the bush where only the animals will be your neighbours, to the sound of roaring lions.

Option: the comfort of 4 sumptuous lodges during your trip.

An accomplished logistics where nothing is left to chance for your greatest comfort.

Option: transfers by private plane

Program of your motorcycle adventure Itinerary of 13 days

Day 1

International flight to Windhoek and transfer to the Olive Hotel 5 stars, the most beautiful hotel in the city. Briefing of our expedition and dinner at the Joes beer house.

Day 2 Windhoek – Brandberg

We leave at 8:00 am to start the expedition with the motorcycles and logistics vehicles. On the program: 150 km of asphalt road and your first 100 km of gravel, we will reach the highest mountain in Namibia in the afternoon. We will camp there for the night, there will be no one around and the wildlife will already appear.

Day 3 Ugab river

We leave for the North at 9:00 am, after breakfast for 120 km of track. We leave the gravel for a real off road trip through the Ugab valley, where we can see elephants and rhinos, you will fly in tandem over the incredible rock formations of the valley. Night in camp.

Day 4 Huab river

After 100 km of off road, we will cross here a very varied fauna, black rhino, lions, we are in the heart of Damaraland, desert elephants are everywhere. Night in camp.

Day 5 Palmwag concession

We leave camp at 9:00 am for 120 km of off road towards Palwag concession, where we will refuel and fill up with water. We will spend a resourcing night there after having enjoyed a delicious dinner, a well deserved intermission after these 3 days of driving. Elephants are very present and 90% of the world population of black rhinos live here.

Day 6 Hoanib valley

Morning tandem flight with special authorization. We will leave after breakfast for 120 km of gravel and then 80 km of deep sand. Lunch en route, dinner and overnight in camp.

Day 7 Huarusib

We will start the day at 11:00 am for 120 km of off road following the canyon for 50 km, there is water here all year round and therefore lots of animals. Lunch on the way. Arrival is scheduled around 15h00, we will sleep in the superb lodge of Ondusengo.

Day 8 Khumib valley

Morning tandem flight, there are lots of giraffes here. We’ll leave at 10:00 am heading north towards Khumib for 100 km off road. We will camp along the dry river, the fauna is very present here.

Day 9 Ondusengo

We will leave the camp at 9:00 am for 120 km of deep sand through the landscapes of Kaokoland with mountains and desert as a backdrop. Camp in the desert and tandem flight.

Day 10 Marienfluss

We will cross the Marienfluss valley in red sand and plains as far as the eye can see to reach the Okahirongo river 150 km further on. In principle, the Exclusive Kunene River Camp is accessible by plane, we will reach it by motorbike. Overnight in the vicinity of the crocodiles.

Day 11 Etenga

Departure at 9:00 am, the challenge of the day is to reach the top of this relatively steep mountain. We will need the whole day to get there. There are many villages here, we are in the country of the famous Himbas. Night in camp.

Day 12 Epupa falls

Last day on the bike, pebble track to reach Epupa and civilization. Overnight at Omarunga lodge along the Kunene river for a delicious dinner and a last night in a good bed. The lodge is located 100m from the fantastic Epupa Falls. End of the expedition.

Day 13 Transfer to Windhoek and back to Europe.

Option: A private plane will take you back to Windhoek for your international flight and avoid 1100 km of gravel runway.