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The largest migration in the world
The ultimate ocean safari

  • The "Noah's Ark" of the ocean : dolphins, whales, sharks, sea lions, swordfish, cormorant, cape gannet, penguins, killer whales, albatross and tuna
  • A true logistics expedition the air support of a microlight to spot the wildlife
  • An outstanding guide who has worked 15 years for the National Geographic
  • Guaranteed encounters with dolphins, humpback whales and sharks
  • An adventure for all, snorkeling or scuba diving
  • The unique opportunity to witness scenes of predation usually rare
  • The best demonstration of the wilderness
  • An amazing subject for photographers and videographers
  • The biggest school of fish in the world, up to 35 km long
  • 17th to 25th of june 2020 or 24th of june to 1st of july 2020

Sardine run Afrique du Sud - South Africa


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