The first level of diving
The CMAS and ADIP or PADI Open Water Diver certification.

Become a diver! Take a scuba diving course and get your first scuba diving certification.

If you’ve always wanted to learn to dive, experience new adventures, or simply discover the wonders of the underwater world, this is where it all starts.
This course is the most popular diving course in the world. It has brought an adventurous lifestyle to millions of people. It’s the most recognized certification card and a fabulous passport to adventure wherever you go. It certifies your autonomy to a maximum depth of 18m (PADI) or 20m (CMAS / ADIP) depending on the training organization.

Have fun

Learning to dive is fun. You take your first breath underwater (you’ll never forget this feeling) and learn everything you need to become a scuba diver. During the course, you will make at least five dives in a pool or tank and four dives in open water sites under the supervision of your instructor.

What you will learn

  • How fascinating diving is.
  • Considerations on scuba diving equipment for different diving environments.
  • Planning and carrying out dives.
  • Preventing and managing problems.

The course is based on three main phases

  • The development of theoretical knowledge (online, in personal study at home or in class) to understand the basic principles of scuba diving.
  • The 4 dives in confined water to learn the basic techniques of scuba diving.
  • The 4 open water dives to apply the techniques and explore the underwater world.
  • If you have already tried diving during a first dive, the exercises you have learned can be credited for part of your training and you save time.

The diving equipment you will use

During your training, you will learn how to use basic diving equipment, including a dive computer, and standard diving accessories. The equipment you wear will vary depending on the tropical, temperate or cold water environment in which you dive. You can find all equipment in stores.

The equipment you need

We offer a variety of teaching materials for self-study. The eLearning option is the most practical, but you can also choose a kit including the manual.

The course material covers everything you need to know about basic scuba diving techniques, terminology and safety procedures. For each concept you read the explanations. Then you will go to the pool (or a pool-like environment) to practice the exercises with your instructor. Later, as a certified diver, you use your course material as a guide for future diving adventures and to review what you have learned.Your instructor will provide you with the course material.

Start now

No need to wait to get started! Thanks to the eLearning program, you can get started right away. The eLearning course allows you to learn, at your own pace through fun interactive study, the basic information you need before each dive.