“If you’ve never been to the Azores, you’ve never seen that before! ”

Sao Miguel and Santa Maria, two islands of character for an adventure trip that mixes ocean, trek and relaxation.


The extinct volcanoes of the largest island of the Azores give it its own charm. Leave from the summit and walk along the calderas lined up with pastel colors hydrangeas, swim in the crater lakes of green emerald and then rest in one of the charming villages.

Sao Miguel is lined with sumptuous natural swimming pools dug in volcanic rock. Their black color attracts heat and makes the water very pleasant. In Ferraria, close to Ginetes, there is a natural swimming pool where you bathe at mid-tide to enjoy the mixture of a thermal water at 60 ° C and sea water.

In an atmosphere of a rainy forest, on the road to Lagoa do Fogo, surrounded by lush vegetation, small geysers and tree ferns, laze around in warm water reservoirs and waterfalls.


On the small island of Santa Maria, discover the vineyards in stairs, giant and steep, they descend to the shore. Punctuated by deep bays, it has the best beaches in the whole archipelago. The verdant hills, the ocher plains and the deep blue ocean offer an atypical contrast.


Since the end of whaling in 1985, knowledge of cetaceans has not been lost. The old lookouts who directed the hunters, guide today, the admirers of these giants from the same observation posts perched on the island. Skippers in contact with lookouts watchers by radio will find commonly sperm whales, fin whales, sei whales, pilot whales or false killer whales. The hydrophones used to steer the boat in the direction of the clicking characteristic of sperm whales permits to be as close as possible.


You will also be able to observe loggerhead sea turtles, tuna during the hunt, which propel out of the water, or the feeding frenzy of the cory’s shearwater plunging into the sardine balls in the same way as the South African sardin run.


In an identical operating, for a closer contact, it is also possible to search for dolphins and to get into the water. Interaction isn’t guaranteed but we can have good surprises.


In the Azores, it is possible to encounter more than 20 different species of whales and dolphins. It is a world class site recognized by the “Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society” as the first destination in Europe to meet these cetaceans.


We have selected for you guest houses with breathtaking views of the ocean. Here, you will have a special feeling, the kind of being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it is a vertiginous vision.


SEAL ADVENTURES develops a safari philosophy for every adventure journey. That’s why we first went there to assess the potential of the destination. We propose to see only what can offer.

“Only 4 hours flight from Paris, the Azores are a well-kept secret. One visit is better than 1000 stories, we have kept other surprises, they’re waiting for you in this enchanted archipelago. ”

The highlights of this adventure:


The soothing atmosphere of the archipelago and the warm welcome of the Azorians

Unique and stunning landscapes

An usual destination, be the pioneers

The change of scenery at your doorstep

A guaranteed encounter with the great marine fauna


Formalities: Passport or ID, valid 6 months after the return date.

Time difference: GMT + 0 in summer time, shift of – 1h00 compare to France.

Currency: Euro, SEPA area (Transfers, withdrawals and payments by credit card without commissions).

Plugs: European standard, no adapter required.


Second best islands in the world for sustainable tourism

The Azores archipelago has been selected as the second best island in the world for sustainable tourism. The poll included 111 islands and archipelagos, evaluated by 522 specialists. The Azores earned 84 points out of 100. The National Geographic Traveler described the Azores as “a beautiful place, with its green mountains and picturesque towns, all black and white, destined to remain untouchable.”

Unesco World Heritage

The worldwide recognition of the immeasurable value of the Azores is ancient. UNESCO considers the historic center of Angra do Heroàsmo, in Terceira, as a world heritage since 1983, and the landscape of Pico vineyard since 2004.

The Azores are one of the best destinations in the world.

It’s not some distinction or other. The prestigious publisher of Lonely Planet travel guides, which influences millions of travelers and tourists, reported the Azores, in 2008, as one of the best destinations in the world.

Five best secret islands in the world

For the prestigious BBC Travel, Pico was one of the “five best secret islands in the world” in 2011. Good wines have contributed to this as well as the trails that run through UNESCO’s world heritage.